Monday, October 13, 2014

Seahawks Selfies

OK, today's post is kind of heavy on selfies. Sorry. My Dad got me a Seahawks shirt!! I wore is yesterday since they played, unfortunately they the freakin' Cowboys :( It's OK I'm still a fan!
 I haven't really payed any attention to NFL for most of my life. I rooted for the Beavers and that was about it. Oregon doesn't have a professional football team, but if you asked me who I rooted for in the NFL I would say the Seahawks, since they reside with our neighbors in the North West. Then I met my husband who was an avid Bears fan. So I switched to the Bears for a while. But then a guy from my hometown who went to my high school started playing for the Seahawks, so I switched back, and then they went to the Superbowl and he got to play! It was really exciting for my hometown. Anyway, he left the Seahawks to play for the Browns, but I decided to stick with the Seahawks. I still root for the Bears, and now the Browns too, but none of them have a quarterback as attractive as Russel Wilson! ;) I have an aunt & uncle & cousins who all live up in the Seattle area as well, so it is fun to root for the same team as them.

My new favorite eyeshadow is by Wet & Wild. It's a trio of colors called "walking on eggshells". It's a great neutral palette and the color stays on all day. I haven't had any problems with creasing or fading. It has one color for the lid, one for the crease, and one for the brow. It comes with a a small brush which I use for the crease of my eye. A makeup expert probably wouldn't use the brush it comes with but I think it works just fine for my everyday look. I was trying to show off my hair in these pictures because I styled it differently than usual. Lately I've been wearing pigtails everyday, because my hair has grown out to a mullet, but I haven't had time to get it done! So I put it in pigtails, poofed the back & curled. It was fun to wear it a little different because I usually only have time to wear it straight.
The Seahawks are Going to the Superbowl!!!
I made these outfits on Polyvore right after it was determined that the Seahawks were going to the superbowl. Wouldn't it be fun to wear these?

 Happy Monday all!

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