Friday, November 14, 2014

Football Fashion Friday

 Last weekend a family member gave my mom & I free tickets to go to the Beaver game! My Dad has season tickets and my brother is currently a student at OSU so we all went together. Love this picture of me and my youngest brother in front of the MU. He is getting his degree in Political Science and has just finished up helping campaign for a candidate for the election.
 My mom & my brother. You can see Gill Colosseum in the background.
 My mom & I had seats in the end zone. It was a cold day but there were beautiful bouts of sunshine off and on. This picture was taken right before we scored a touchdown.

 Love all that orange and black!
 The end of the game. Well, we lost. Seems to be happening a lot for us this season. Just not our year. But we stayed til the end to support our team. We're Beaver believers no matter what!
 My Dad has a special pass that gets us in to watch the Radio interview with Mike Riley after every game.
 Sorry it's blurry, I didn't want to use my flash! I know we're going through a rough patch with the team this year but I have always liked Mike Riley. I am glad he is our coach!
 My family + some family friends.
 Reser Stadium!
What I wore: Hat: Beaver Store (Child Size!) // Sweater: Victoria Secret // Shoes: Nike // Mom's Shirt: Beaver Store

End of the night with my mamma. Even though we lost, we had a fun time visiting, and people watching and cheering on our team!
 OOOOOOSSSSSSSSUUUUUUU Oregon State Fight Fight Fight!
Let's hope we win this weekend!
Go Beavers!

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