Monday, April 27, 2015

A Surprise Gift

 Get ready...this is no ordinary super, cute, inspirational box...
 It beholds a parade of adorable, pretty, and sweet gifts.
 Over the year, my mom has been collecting items to put together as a gift for me for finishing my first year of coaching. She is so sweet and thoughtful! My first year of coaching was definitely not easy. I thought I was going to get a ton of kids out who really wanted to work hard and learn, and what I found, was that it was really to get kids out for team and then it was a battle all year with holding people accountable for grades and attendance and attitude, and trying to find a balance between wanting to be excellent and yet not being so hard on dancers that they would want to quit. I definitely learned a lot! 
I'm a sucker for scrapbooking supplies...especially stickers! Pretty colors and glitter? I'm sold!
My mom found this Christian Magazine "Life Beautiful" at Barnes and Noble. I love it! It is full of inspirational stories, bible reading plans, tips for lovely meals and cleaning, and just lovely pictures and diy projects. I think I am going to subscribe to it!
She included a gorgeous frame with birds & flowers (I love both of those things!) and a picture of us at the Cinderalla movie in it, along with gorgeous Lauren Conrad necklace and earrings from Kohls, and a beautiful votive holder.
The gorgeous shiny, pink on the outside, silver on the inside, votive holder, contained a Chamomile scented candle to help me relax when I am feeling stressed.
Next, she included an awesome journal with a Hippo on it :D and some yummy chocolates.
She included some British films (love me some Collin Firth!) and a lovely leather bound novel from Barnes and Noble (we collect leather books). Here's also a close up of the jewelry.
Isn't this book lovely? I'm looking forward to reading it.
Easter was coming up, so she included some sparkly Easter decor. Everything is better with sequins :)
I snapped this pic a few weeks later to show a mug I bought recently, but I'm including it because, thanks to my mom, I've been following a new bible reading plan from Life Beautiful Magazine. Since I'm only 3/4 time this year I've been able to enjoy coffee and read my bible in bed before scooting out the door in the morning. I'm going to miss that extra time to relax next year when I go up to full time. I will have to start waking up earlier!

Anywho, I have the best mom in the world. She is the best gift giver and she is the most thoughtful person I know. She is always thinking of others and has a difficult time spending money on herself. She definitely brightens not only my life but many others with her thoughtful gifts. :)

Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. Ahh!! Everything is so cute and thoughtful! What a great mom!!