Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break Stay-cation in Portlandia: Part 1

Finally posting about spring break! Unfortunately, I was pretty sick for most of spring break so I spent most of my week sleeping & feeling miserable. I did manage, however, to heal enough to get out of the house a few times. Since we really only had one day left once I was well enough to to out, we didn't have time to go anywhere. So we stayed one night in Portland and Joel let me fulfill some of my Portland bucket list :)
Step 1 when visiting Portland: try to look like a hipster.



Portlandia Bucket List: Saturday Market
First time I have ever been and I very much enjoyed myself. People watching is excellent, and there are tons of cool artists booths and fun things to see. We were there for about 10 minutes when I found something I HAD to buy. I came across an artist's booth with tons of gorgeous colorful landscape paintings. I so wish I hadn't been too shy to take pictures of the artist and his booth, because he was quite the character. I asked if he was the artist and he said yes, and he had proof, he pulled out a note card that said "I am the artist". He also had little signs up over his booth that said things like "I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but apparently I am good at it". I had a hard time choosing a painting because I loved so many, but Joel and I finally narrowed it down to the one below.
The artist told me he is there every weekend. I hope one day I will go back and purchase another painting.
 Step 2 when visting Portlandia: See something weird--like this woman juggling large knives (sorry you can't see them very well in the picture, but there are 2 knives in the air!)
Next on my Portlandia Bucket List: Visit Voodoo Doughnuts. Honestly, I was a bit surprised that Joel indulged me in this one. I've wanted to go FOREVER but Joel never wants to go because you have to wait in line forever. Well, we decided to go for it and luckily, we got in line just before a huge rush. We still had to wait in line a while but it was nice. There were some guys playing music nearby and we got to people watch.

When waiting in line, taking selfies helps to pass the time. Also, I am entertained by shiny things, so the glitterized brick building kept my attention for a bit as well.
Chandeliers, bright colors, and sprinkles, oh my!

I am glad my husband is a quick decision maker and stays calm under pressure. Once inside, they expect you to have your order ready and quick because they have to serve so many people. I definitely panicked and forgot the name of every doughnut I wanted to try (aside from the famous voodoo jelly man). Joel stayed calm and managed to order us something tasty.

One happy girl with a pink box full of treats. "Good things come in pink boxes."
The face of deliciousness.
After we finished up at the Saturday Market, we went and checked into our hotel and enjoyed a doughnut and relaxed for a bit before heading back out. 
Even though we only spent one full day in Portland, we crammed a lot into the day, it seemed like too much for one post, so more to come later!

Happy Humpday!

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  1. Glad you got to get out and enjoy some of your break! I don't think I've ever been to Saturday market either?!!!!