Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camping at Yellow Bottom on Quartzville Creek

My husband and I went camping, for the second time, at Yellow Bottom camp ground a few weeks ago. We have enjoyed it so much, I think we are going to start making a tradition.
 Looking up at giant trees is one of my absolutely favorite views in the world (second only to looking out to tree covered hills and mountains at sunset). This was my view from my chair at our campsite.
Our little tent. We have decided it is time for an upgrade! After being eaten alive by misquitos this year, we are getting a tent that has a little "entry way" area before the sleeping area, so we can set up a card table and play cribbage inside, and make it easier not to get dirt from our shoes in our bed.

 My parents came up to spend the day with us one of the days and brought our family dog.
 Remi had a blast. She never got out of the water the whole time. We thought her heart was going to give out because she just kept going!!
  Our swim area. Pretty much had the place to ourselves for 2 days!

I'm so glad my parents came and spent the day with us! It was so nice :)
I love this man.
Breakfast the next day. If it wasn't for Joel, I would probably only eat granola bars, hotdogs and baked potatoes when I go camping, haha! He's a little more ambitious about cooking on the camp fire than I am. Breakfast is especially great when Joel cooks.
Another awesome view of the trees from our swim hole.
My dad said that some of these trees were probably at least 200 years old!
One thing I love about camping is NO MAKEUP!! It feels refreshing to not have to worry about it.
This summer I have been enjoying going with less makeup quite often. Even for events that I would normally make myself up for, I've just been wearing mascara only. It's been nice!
 This is what we do: float & relax!

When you float in the water and look down, you see all kinds of interesting creatures.
I even sat still enough in the shallow water for little fishes to swim around me!
 Who needs to pay for a "fish manicure" like the Kardashian's, when you can get one for free in the creek? If you can stand it! It kind of freaks me out a little to have fish nibbling on my feet! Here's a little video where you can see the little fishes.
I love this picture. So beautiful Creekside is the best.

Following with tradition, we got a thunder and rainstorm toward the end of our camp trip. This time we were more prepared though!!
I'm always sad when we have to leave!
Being out in nature is so inspiring for me. I have so many ideas for painting and art pieces after this trip. Now is only I could hunker down and get to work on them!

Ah, country roads lead me home. Until next year Yellow Bottom!
Happy Thursday! :)

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