Friday, July 10, 2015

Life Lately...

I've gotten way behind in blogging lately. I've had a lot of fun things going on this summer and more to come! I am currently caught up in this exciting time of life for me and my husband as we are starting the process of buying a home! We have found one that I am really excited about but we're hitting a few road bumps as we are trying to get pre-approved and get all of our financial qualifications set in place. 
I am so impatient! In my mind, it is my house! I've already started planning how to decorate and update it. This probably is not good, because while we're waiting for things to get sorted out someone else could come and swoop it up! I have hope, though, because it is a foreclosure and it has been on the market for a while now, so hopefully everything works out! I am thankful that God blessed me with a level headed husband who keeps me grounded when I get worked up ;)
In the mean time I have been obsessed with looking for decor inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as keeping busy with summer festivities, which I will be sharing as soon as I get motivated to organize and edit it all into posts :)
In the mean time, if you're interested in checking out some of my Pinterest inspiration click on the picture below to see my boards.
As you will notice, I love color, sparkle, quirkiness, and some traditional. I'm all over the place. I definitely define my style as eclectic. How will I ever make a decision when the time comes?

It has been gloomy all day, and for the first time in a long time, I can say I am glad. It was finally cool enough to sleep in our bedroom last night!! We've been sleeping on an air mattress in the living room for about a month because it's been too hot in our upstairs room, and we just got back from camping and really wanted to sleep in our bed. Thank goodness for the cooler weather!
I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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