Sunday, July 10, 2016

San Jose del Cabo Mexico Vacation; Staying at the Worldmark Coral Baja

Holah! Como estas? 
Estoy bien!
Today I'm starting to blog about our vacation to San Jose del Cabo, and our stay  at the Worldmark Coral Baja Resort. It was a great trip! As I have mentioned previously, I haven't traveled much and this was my first trip out of the U.S. I got my first stamp in my passport!
(and how adorable is my carry on below from modcloth?)
I surprised to see that much our view from the plan, after leaving San Jose, California, looked like this. Desert mountains, and ocean seeming to pop up right off of the cliffs. Oh, we also jumped ahead an hour during our flight.
Getting off the plane and arriving at the airport was a little chaotic, as the timeshare people grab you right away (yes we got suckered in to going one, but we got some free stuff in exchange). After setting up the appointment with the time share guy, we went out to find the drivers we had arranged ahead of time to pick us up. That was also chaotic, as there are cab drivers everywhere! All calling out if your ride is here, or trying to be "helpful" in helping you find your ride. Luckily our drivers found us, and it wasn't to long before we were on our way.
One thing that was surprising to me, was the extreme difference between the resorts, and the surround areas. A lot of the area was still run down from the hurricane that hit last year. The picture below, was just right next to our resort. Apparently there used to be a trailer park there, but the hurricane completely wiped it out.
The lobby in our resort was beautiful! When we arrived for check-in we were greeted with a margarita and a Pacifico! Reality check: we are in Mexico!!
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at the Coral Baja Resort. We have stayed at Worldmark and RCI resorts before, mostly just in Oregon, once in Carlsbad, but I am in love with the Coral Baja!
We got up to our room, set our things down, and then of course, I had to take pictures of everything--to the jesting of my husband, oh well, I don't care. I loved the decor of our room!
My husband thinks I'm weird for taking a picture of the tiles in the shower, but, I mean--hello? I love birds! I also love art and thought these were really cool.
The first of my crappy mirror pics. I loved this mirror though! My favorite shade of blue :)
The main room.
Frida. Love.
The view from our balcony!
Another view from our balcony.
Another view of our room, and my hubby :)
All settled in and ready for vacation!!
Once we checked out our room and got things unpacked, we headed down to the resort restaurant for lunch. We had been flying since 6 am that morning, so needless to say when we arrived to our room close to 3 pm, we were pretty hungry.
There were cute little birds that hung out all over our resort. We got to watch them while we ate.
Joel had a combination plate.
I had fish tacos, of course. They are my favorite; and they were delicious.
Outside on our balcony, I thought the reflection of the palms behind me were cool. 
I woke up early every morning and sat out on our balcony and read, and watched the resort staff scrupulously clean and beautify the grounds. So much work goes into keeping it nice!
It was relaxing and quiet to be awake before the rest of the resort was screaming and laughing in the pool. To just hear the ocean waves and the breeze. God's creations are amazing.
We spent a lot of time sitting on our balcony, playing cribbage.
And thus ends our first day in Mexico. A little uneventful, mostly spent traveling, but oh what a wonderful evening once we got settled! How blessed we are to get to stay in such a beautiful place!
More Mexico to come!
Audios for now amigos!

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