Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bicycle Love

The Story Behind my Love of Bicycles

I never learned to ride a bike as a child. It was a huge source of embarrassment for me my whole life. When I was young, my younger brother would bring it up all the time out of the blue in front of friends or people we knew to embarrass me. It was the skeleton in my closet that tried to keep in hidden at all costs.

Well, my Senior year of college, my worst nightmare happened. I had to take teaching outdoor & adventure activities for my major. In this class I would have to ride a bicycle. I was fortunate to have a close friend in the class that I trusted to share my secret with and I asked him what I should do. He went with me to talk to our professor, who is one of my mentors and a kind and understanding woman. We agreed that I would try my best to learn to ride a bike before we got to that portion of the class. I believe I had about 3 weeks or so.

My, now husband-then boyfriend, offered to teach me. Our first attempt didn't go so well. I got frustrated and gave up. Our second attempt was successful! After only 2 days of trying my he had managed to teach me to ride a bike and I was able to join my class in our bike riding session.

So, I have a love for bicycles, because to me it represents overcoming. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I learned that it's never to late to learn. I also look back on it fondly as a part of my love story. My husband was so patient with me, and even when I got grumpy and frustrated he didn't give up, and he didn't make fun of me for not knowing. We had these pictures taken for our engagement as a reminder by the talented Katy Weaver Photography.

I'll leave you with some lovely bicycle products to check out!

Bicycle Love
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P.S. I feel like that plate was made for me. I mean I love cheese and bicycles AND squirrels!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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