Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom

"Our precious life rests not on our ability to see what makes us different, one from another, but rather on our ability to recognize what makes us the same. What ultimately defines us is the moral strength to believe in our common humanity, and to act upon this belief."

My husband and I were visiting his family in the Portland area the last few days. The weather was gorgeous so we headed downtown to hike through Washington Park. The Holocaust Memorial is there, and neither of us had been. Above is a quote from the memorial. 

It also happened to be "that one day in March where it's really warm and you get irrationally optimistic." It started raining the next day, and it's still raining :( 

Washington Park is beautiful! Last year we hiked from the Zoo up to the Pittock Mansion, but this year there was no parking at the zoo. So we hiked from downtown up to a ways past the Japanese Gardens.

Statues of Native Americans--Forgot to take a picture of what it said, sorry!

Sculptures depicting the story of the Holocaust.

 I recommend visiting the Holocaust memorial if you get a chance. It is really humbling. I think it is something that we should never forget, and never be so arrogant as to assume something like that will never happen again. We should never stop standing up for one another.

We visited the Rose Gardens in Washington Park on our hike, but it's not rose season yet so here's our "before" picture. We plan to go back when the roses are in bloom :) In the mean time I'm hoping the rain clears up for the next few days, because we were really hoping to go another hike with my parents!

Rain Rain Go Away!

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