Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday 'Fumes

Today I share the story of my unfortunate luck at picking perfumes.

The first expensive perfume I ever purchased was in high school. I loved Jessica McClintock formal dress (I think I at least 3 of my formal dresses in high school were hers). I don't remember how I discovered "Jessica McClintock #3" but I loved it. I don't like things that smell too sweet, or too flowery, and this was just a light romantic scent. I used it sparingly because it was expensive. When it time to purchase a perfume for my wedding I knew this is what I was getting. Then the time came and to my horror, I discovered that they were not selling this perfume anymore and it was sold out everywhere that claimed to have it. I was so sad.

So I went to my second choice: "Desire" from Victoria's Secret. In college I had a friend that worked at Victoria's Secret and she gave me a sample of the perfume and said it smelled like me. I fell in love with it and I wore it quite often when my husband and I were first dating, so I decided it was fitting to wear it for my wedding day. Fortunately, they had it for my wedding day. Unfortunately, the don't sell anymore. So I am again without a perfume.

Below, is my favorite everyday scent. It's just a body spray. I actually discovered this one on accident. I liked the cherry blossom scent from bath and body works and for Christmas one year Joel accidentally got me a "Japanese Cherry Blossom" gift set. I fell in love with it. It smells so good. I wear it everyday.

Another scent I like from bath and body works is "Sensual Amber". My old roommate got me the body cream for my birthday one year and it smells so good. I'm sorry I'm not very good at describing how these scents smell-- I don't know how to describe it! I just know that they're not too sweet, but not too flowery. 

So, alas, I am in search of a new perfume to wear for special occasions and date nights. I'm not sure what "Bombshell in Bloom" from Victoria's Secret smells like, but I'm tempted to ask for it for my birthday just because the bottle is so beautiful--
don't you agree?

What's your favorite scent? Are you a sucker for pretty packaging like me? 
Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

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