Monday, May 19, 2014

My Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my 26th Birthday this weekend! To celebrate we went out to a cool bar/bistro with a few friends for drinks and food. 
I bought a cute new sequin shirt to wear for my birthday, but then I was worried about being over dressed, so being that I have been trying to make a point to wear old things that I just have not really worn very much, I met my goal by wearing this top that I got at Target (I think) several years ago.
And as long as I only have my husband to photograph my outfits, the pics probably won't be that great (he's not very patient when I'm picky about how the picture looks). Maybe I need to get a tripod and remote & start taking my own haha. Oh and please forgive my farmer's tan--we've had some sun the last couple of weeks and I am a PE teacher.

The place we went for dinner.

Me and the Hubster

My cousin and her husband

Us girls ordered the Lavender Lemon Drop--it was tasty! We also had bacon wrapped brussel sprouts which were delicious, but I was so caught up in the excitement of visiting and the lemon drop that I forgot to take a picture haha.

Me with my two best guy friends from high school. I don't get to see them all that often so it was treat to have them both there to help me celebrate (by the way they informed me that I have more pictures of them than they do haha.)

Had so much fun visiting with m cousin. We'll definitely have to go out together again soon!

I received some lovely gifts and on my actual birthday I got to have a day of relaxation! It was a great birthday weekend!
Have a great Monday!

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