Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break Stay-cation in Portlandia: Part 2

Our Portland one-day extravaganza continued...
I was dying to get away for at least one night of our spring break so we stayed in a Courtyard Marriott that was close enough to the Rose Quarters that we could walk to get there. So after we rested a for a little, we decided to walk down to the Memorial Colosseum to buy our tickets for the next thing on my Portland bucket list: See a Winterhawks game.
After we purchased our tickets, we decided just to grab a drink and something to eat at a restaurant in the Rose Quarters, Dr. Jacks, until the game started. I didn't take a picture, so I stole the one above from We sat over by the open doors you can see in the top right corner. It was really cool because we could see the fountains and people watch, and there was an AMAZING aroma of food cooking and fresh Oregon air.
We were watching the NCAA playoff game between Wisconsin and Arizona, so when I couldn't decide what to drink, my husband ordered me the "Honey Badger Blonde"--appropriate considering I picked my March Madness bracket based on which mascot I liked the best, and I took the Wisconsin Badgers all the way to the final two (If only I hadn't picked the Anteaters to win it all!) I'm not a big drinker so I never really know what to get, but I liked the Honey Badger Blonde! ;)
I've never been to a Hockey game before, so it was nice to get to go with my husband, because his favorite sport to play growing up was roller hockey. I learned a lot about how the game works. It's pretty fast paced! The players are constantly coming on and off the ice! One thing that I didn't get to cross off the my bucket list, is that I didn't get to see my dear childhood friend dance with the rosebuds on the ice. I had always wanted to go to game to see her dance, but she finished nursing school and got a job as a nurse before I could get up to see her! Pretty cool what they can do on the ice!
This picture was taken well before the end of the game. We lost. We have decided that I am unlucky for attending first time events. The first time I went to a blazer game, they lost in double over time to the clippers--before they had Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Oh well, I still had fun!
Later in the evening we met up with some friends at the Red Star Tavern down town. Going out to cool bars and restaurants in down town Portland is one thing on my bucket list that never gets crossed off. I love exploring and going to fun places. I've only been able to go for this purpose a couple of times (I don't get out much!)
I ordered a Montego Bay with: Bank’s 5 island rum, grapefruit, lime, allspice dram, honey, absinthe. Again, I don't drink much so I really don't really ever know what to order, but I liked this drink. It kind of had a Mojito feel to it.
It was so nice to get out with friends! We don't get to see these two enough and I had an absolute blast visiting with them! They definitely made a good choice on the bar as well! I love the decor in the Red Star Tavern. I should have taken more pictures! It has a nice relaxed, elegant feel. It's classy, and we could actually hear each other talk. It's located under the Hotel Monaco--which I since looked up and I will have to do a post on it because I am dying to stay there now! Super fun/quirky decor.
We were there so late, I snapped this shot as we were leaving. Makes me think of the song "Closing Time".
Well there's all of the excitement I had for my spring break "stay-cation". It's always a fun time in Portland!

Happy Thursday!
Only one more day til Friday!

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