Thursday, February 19, 2015

Favorite Things February

Today I am sharing some of my favorite purchases from the last couple of months. 
Many of my purchases are from Target. This is what happens when there is a Target
one minute away from where you work and you have time to kill between work and coaching
on a weekly basis. You end up making impulse purchases. 
These leggings are from the juniors section in Target. I have started to like crazy leggings lately. I can't really wear them to school or anything, but I like to wear them when I teach dance classes at the studio or when I take Zumba classes. They are fun.
I also bought this Pacifica face wash at Target. I've been blessed with fairly nice skin so I haven't really used a ton of face wash products in my life, but I love this one! First of all it smells heavenly. It smells like coconut and vanilla and almond cherry, I love using it simply because it smells so good. Second, it really does a great job at removing makeup and it is gentle and feels good on my skin. Last, the packaging is pretty ;)
I have been eying this rug from Urban Outfitters for about 2 years now! They had a sale on rugs in January and I had enough money saved up from teaching dance classes so, even though my husband doesn't really like rugs, he went ahead and let me get it. It's not a super nice rug, it kind of a cheapo material, but for our rental house it is perfect. I love the colors and it covers up some of the ugly old green carpet.
I have never really been a candle person, but  lately my husband and I have started to like them. I purchased this candle at Target after smelling the entire isle. It smells sooo good. It also is pretty strong so the whole downstairs smells lovely whenever we light it. I'm not really into scents like "spun sugar" or "bubblegum", this candle smells sophisticated and romantic if you could put those two words into a scent.
I bought these leggings on line from Dance wear Solutions because I wanted to wear them for Valentines week, either to teach class in or for Zumba or something just for fun. Unfortunately, my husband and I lost our mail key so these beauties were sitting in my mail box for almost a week until we found it yesterday. Oh well, I guess I will get to where them for Valentines next year, in the mean time I will most definitely wear them for dance!
Last I have another Valentines impulse purchase. This is little adorable pink cans of sparkling wine. I love to give them as gifts because they are so cute. So, I bought some for myself for Valentines day. I haven't drank them yet. I will save them for a special occasion where I am feeling extra girly :)

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