Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015

Well, I have to say, I thought this year's Oscars Awards Ceremony was a tad on the boring side. I didn't really think there were any to die for drop dead gorgeous dresses like last year, and most of the movies that were up for nomination, I hadn't seen yet (aside from Grand Budapest Hotel). I have scanned through some red carpet looks and I picked out the ones I liked, which was only 8. So here are my top 8 in no particular order.
 These 4 dresses were in my top 8 because: 1. They all have a yellow hue, which is one of my favorite colors and it is usually not worn. 2. Sparkles, shimmer, floral. That is all.
These 4 dresses were in my top 8 because: 1. Classic & Elegant 2. Octavia Spencer: Full coverage

Maybe someday I'll have my act together and throw a super cute Oscar party, where we drink champagne, dress up, eat classy appetizers, and make predictions. Today was not that day. 

I'm really not ready for Monday this week, but...
Happy Monday anyway :)

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