Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashion Friday: Pink House Cafe

Last Sunday, Joel surprised me by suggesting we go to one of my favorite little cafes, "The Pink House Cafe" to celebrate my teaching position moving to full time for next year. It was a beautiful spring day.
The inside is decorated very cute with old pictures and paintings. It's the perfect place to go for coffee and dessert.
I had a pink lemonade and chicken curry salad with fruit and a delicious slice of olive bread.
I've been trying to make an effort lately to make outfits from items of clothing that I've owned for a while but don't wear very often, so everything I'm wearing is old, aside from the wallet I just bought from Charming Charlie. I actually have had the heels since my senior year in high school!
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. That cafe looks absolutely adorable, congrats on your teaching accomplishment!

    Hailey -