Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sweet glitter headbands and bright lipstick I am 27 years old today.
This week I was mistaken for a high school student and I was told I didn't look a day over 22.
I'll take it! 
In honor of my 27th birthday, I am sharing a bucket list I recently made.
I've kind of had an "unofficial" bucket list going for a while now, but I think it's time I make official by sharing. Maybe that means I will actually do it!
So here is my bucket list of 27. In no particular order.
1.       Travel—freakin’ EVERYWHERE
2.       Create a dance crew/troupe/company and dance and create for ME again
3.       Learn to play the banjo
4.       Do something CRAZY outside of my comfort zone that I would never do
5.       Go on a hike in all 50 states
6.       Go backpacking
7.       Die my hair burgundy
8.       Go to a rodeo
9.       Visit India on a mission trip
10.   Smoke a cigar
11.   Bless someone anonymously
12.    Hike the South Sister
13.   Have children
14.    Buy a house
15.   Go to the Oregon country fair
16.   Learn to speak Spanish
17.   Go snowshoeing
18.   Throw a surprise birthday party for my husband
19.   Sell a painting
20.   Host a dinner party
21.   Actually wear a flower headband in public
22.   Own a piano
23.   Run a half marathon
24.   See a show on Broadway
25.   Smoke a cigar in a fancy bar oops! Had this one twice!
25. Take golf lessons
26.   Have an epic girls weekend
27.   Take self defense classes

  Happy Monday! :) 

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