Monday, June 22, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 1: Mint & Aqua

Today I am sharing the first bout of modest swimsuits I have found this summer. I'm doing it in more than one post, because I have found so many!
To recap the inspiration behind this post:
I have spent many swimsuit shopping trips frustrated and in tears at trying to to find something that fits me, I feel comfortable in, and is stylish. I am petite, but curvy and busty. It's extremely hard to find something that covers my chest appropriately and yet fits me length wise. I either end up uncomfortable, hanging out or my options are: black, navy, dark 80s floral, or skirt-suits. Starting in the 8th grade I could no longer wear the cute swim suits that my friends were wearing, without looking way too immodest for an 8th grader. I had to shop in the women's section. I remember one summer one of my friends told me that her mom had the same swimsuit as me.
So I am on a quest to find modest swimsuits that are fashionable and share them with you all :)

I've decided to categorize what I have found and today I am starting with suits of a current color trend: Mint & aqua.

I'm sharing this suit because it's modest, and a beautiful color. There is a little bit of a skirt, but it's not your typical old lady suit. I read the reviews, however, and unfortunately, some left by busty women said that it wasn't enough coverage and the halter straps were too long (story of my life). 
This suit is a little risque with the crocheted v, but I included it because, it looks like it comes up pretty high, and the crochet doesn't seem to revealing. There were not many reviews, but one woman, who said she was a 36 D, said that it offered plenty of coverage up top. The halter straps are also tie-able so they can be adjusted to the length needed. 

I actually own this swimsuit. I'm wearing it my last post. This suit has potential, but, honestly, in order to feel truly comfortable in it, I think I need to get it altered. I got a large in hopes to cover my chest. The problem is, I am small around so it is not tight enough around my chest to hold me in.There's no elastic to hold it in place. It comes with detachable straps, which help, but for me in order to get it to an appropriate length, I have to tie it really tight, and then it's uncomfortable on my neck, and still not really holding me in well. I'll probably still wear it, and I love the color and style, but I do not feel very modest in it. Cup size is OK, but it's too big around.
I picked this suit because the bust goes straight across to help cover cleavage, and the halter straps are thicker than the little detachable ones that many suits have. There were mixed reviews online, but most of them were positive. There is no information about the straps, but I'm assuming they're not adjustable, and there is no under-wire, so I'm assuming it's "molded cups" with no shelf bra, which, in my case, means there could be boob spillage out the bottom, which with the crocheted mid-section would be no bueno. However, I like that it looks like it covers most of you but the crocheted section makes it fashionable and fun.

I picked this because of the trendy color and the shape. It's a little on the boring side as far as design, but it is cute and modest. There weren't many reviews, about the fit. It comes with detachable straps. Again, no shelf bra, so probably not much support, but with the straight across cut on the bust, it looks like it might cover the girls a little better than the sweetheart style necklines.


  1. I bought the Target suit in coral! It's kind of a Robin Piconne knockoff, so far I like it, but I don't have much up top to cover up! Lol.

    1. The coral color is pretty too! I've actually been wearing a lot of coral lately! I love the crochet one too! I'm glad that the fashion industry is starting to make more trendy one pieces :)