Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 3: Two Peices & Color Blocking

Going on Part 3 of my finds of Modest Swimwear! 
 Today I'm looking at 2 piece suits and color blocking.
Sold Out :(
Every year I envy the designs in the plus size selection of Forever21. Why don't they design regular swimsuits this way too? I mean most regular size bikini tops are literally triangles cute out to cover your chest. I am in love with the color and print of the suit as well.
 Forever 21
 (Bottoms Only)
I actually bought this suit. For years I have been thinking about getting a plus size suit and just having it altered to fit because I love the design so much. Forever21 considers Extra Large a plus size so I took a risk and bought it. I LOVE THIS SUIT. To be honest, it is a little big, and I would like to get the top altered a little bit because the cups are just a tad to big, leaving me hanging out a little which makes me feel a little immodest, but not so much as a regular suit (story of my life, chest is to big for regular sizes, but to small for plus). What is great about this top is that there is an underwire, heavy padding and boning on the sides. Super structured. I love it! The tops come way up and cover most of me. The only down size is that since it is a little big, when it gets wet, it is baggy in the back. I have back fat, so I don't know if I feel confident enough to wear this suit in front of a lot of people, but from the front I feel great it in it! 
Forever 21
$15.90 (bottom)
$17.90 (top)
I love this style too. It doesn't look like there is quite as much support in the top as one that I have, but it covers up, with just a touch of sass.
This is way out of my price range, because the top alone is $88, but what is great about this site, is that in the extra small, and small sizes you can custom order a large cup size! Now if only there were a place that could do this for all sizes for a cheaper price. I'm sure there are places you can get custom suits done, I just don't know if I could ever bring myself to spend that much on something that doesn't get that much wear.
This one piece is modest, but kind of gives the style of two piece because of the color blocking. I don't believe that there is an underwirre, but the top looks like it offers pretty good coverage for the average person.
This site has tons of cute designs in many modest styles. A plus for this suit is that the top has an underwire and heavy padding for support! I love the polka dots, ruffles, and trendy colors!

This series is kind of making me want to go out and buy enough swimsuits to have a different one to wear every time haha.
For the first time in a long time, I have been able to find a lot of suits that are modest AND cute!
More suits to come!
Happy Wednesday :)

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