Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Birthday Celebration 4

We have finally reached the end of my birthday celebrations...
We ended with a celebratory brunch for the May birthdays on my husband's side of the family over Memorial Day Weekend.
We celebrated at my brother-in-law's & sister-in-law's home. They just expanded this room and received this beautiful handmade table made by my sister-in-law's father, and added a beautiful light fixture. Swoon. It has become a family favorite for get togethers.
Family get togethers with my husbands family are always filled with tons of cute children eager to help open presents and blow out candles ;) We are officially the last of the sibling to have children!!

Oh, and did I mention we have 2 sets of twin nephews??
I am definitely in a pink stage of life. Our family spoiled me with so many lovely things!! I was so surprised!
Another funny gift story, my sister-in-law's know me so well, they both got me the same thing!
Cutest iron man I've ever seen.
One of my sister-in-laws makes and sells her own jewelry and she gifted me some of her bracelets! She is so stylish. Check out thewayweare.co to see more!
Finished off the birthday celebration basking in the sun with mimosas. Perfect end to a wonderful week of glorious birthday!

Happy Tuesday :) 


  1. Hope you got something more to go with the purse! Too funny. Next year, I will have to double check before I buy! LOL

    1. I did! :) You and Julie are too sweet! I have the best sister-in-laws :)