Friday, June 12, 2015

Rogue Farms Summer Concert Series

This summer, Rogue Ales & Spirits Farms is putting on free concert on Sundays!
Lucky for us, The Rogue Farms is super close to where we live. Last Sunday we went for a drive to check it out. We have lived close for so long now, and yet this is the first time we had been to check it out!
Hops for days...

I need this truck!
The lady in front of us in line for food & drinks was wearing socks with her flip flops, like a true Oregonian, so naturally I took a picture.
We found a spot in the shade and sat down to relax and enjoy some music.
Joel got the Hazelnut Brown Nectar. It was so good! It was sweet and desert like.
I got the mead which was excellent. Very light and fruity. I also tried a cider which is always good.
We shared a chicken wrap with jalepeno slaw, which was delicious!
Beautiful Oregon weather and countryside, great music, and great food & drink!
It was a delightful afternoon!

How are you enjoying the start of your summer?
Happy Friday!!

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