Friday, June 5, 2015

Wedding Season is Upon Us + Fashion Friday!!

The wedding season of life has slowed down a bit for me, and it seems as though baby season is one right after another right now! I do have quite a few weddings coming up, though, and I am glad. I love weddings!
Over Memorial Day Weekend we attend one of my dear childhood friend's weddings. We danced together from the age of 6 all the way through high school. We are both fortunate to have continued on with dance into college and beyond as well! I spent many a nights at her home and summer days in her backyard, and her family is dear to me. She was a beautiful bride and I so enjoyed getting to see her walk down the isle to marry her sweet groom.
The colors were tiffany blue and black. I loved all of the personal touches as details. The little tiffany box bow cupcakes were sooo delicious!
 My handsome wedding date :)
 This wedding was such a dance reunions!
The REAL dance moms: They are sweet, supportive and giving; our critics and our biggest fans. We have so may happy memories together!
The bride's dad with my little brother. Such a happy day!
 My family did the photo booth together, and my Dad magically grew a rainbow mohawk!
We're crazy!
 The evening began winding down it was time to go, but "why were we not walking to the car yet?" my husband wondered...
 Because being the dancers (and dance moms) that we are we had to pose for a few more pictures! You see, these ladies moved away when I was in the 7th grade. The girl in the middle was my very best friend, and her little sister was only like 6 (baby Catherine) and her mom was like my second mom. We have missed them!
I love having a reason to get dressed up!
What I Wore: Dress: Dress Barn // Necklace: Kohls (LC) // Shoes: old

Happy Wedding Season & Happy Friday!!

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