Friday, June 26, 2015

On the Pontoon...

It's supposed to get up to 100 degrees today. I don't live near a lake, and I don't own a pontoon...this could be a long day...

Here's to hoping I make it to some water somewhere!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 4: Prints, Fringe & Pepulum!

Today is the final post for my series of modest and fashionable swimwear.
Today I have several different styles to share. Stripes, florals, fringe, and pepulum.

This suit has padded cups, tummy control, and a zipper front! I love the chevron design and the color blocking on the sides. I actually broke down and ordered this suit, and I'm proud for being thrifty, because it was on sale and I found a coupon and got $10 off! It hasn't come yet so I haven't been able to try it on, but I will be sure report back on how it fits!

This suit has padded cups, underwire, and you can order large cups for sizes small & extra small. The striped color blocking on the size is a great design for those who are self-conscious of their curves, and the color and print are popular right now (more minty/aqua goodness!)

I love this suit. The colors are pretty, and it's a one piece, but with the mesh stripes it is a little bit more fashionable. The details weren't very informational and there weren't any reviews, but it has padded cups and a low back.

This suit has adjustable straps, you can order by cup size! The fringe is fun and covers you're body for those who aren't comfortable with the unforgiving hug of swimsuits!

This suit has removable straps, and padded cups. I am in love with the color!! So bright and fun. My guess is that a bigger busted gal will have cleavage problems, but I like that the fringe covers your chest!

This is just a top, I guess. I didn't see the bottoms, but what's great about this tankini is that the top is specifically made for a DD cup!!! Again, awesome floral design by Seafolly. Hmm..maybe next summer I should invest in a Seafolly suit!

Another gorgeous Seafolly floral, this suit has underwire, padded cups, and adjustable straps. Plus, I adore yellow!! It's so happy :)

Last suit of the series! This suit is sooo adorable! I love flamingos and they are trendy right now. This suit has a built in shelf bra, however, it did note that the cups work best for sizes a-c. Whatever. haha. This suit is soo cute and I love the pepulum design on the sides!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed learning about all of these adorable, fun and modest swimsuits!
I am feeling inspired that our fashion industry is starting to make more accommodations for bustier women, and that being modest can be fashionable! No more granny one pieces!

It's supposed to in the 100s tomorrow so I think I will be busting out my suit and heading down to the creek!
Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 3: Two Peices & Color Blocking

Going on Part 3 of my finds of Modest Swimwear! 
 Today I'm looking at 2 piece suits and color blocking.
Sold Out :(
Every year I envy the designs in the plus size selection of Forever21. Why don't they design regular swimsuits this way too? I mean most regular size bikini tops are literally triangles cute out to cover your chest. I am in love with the color and print of the suit as well.
 Forever 21
 (Bottoms Only)
I actually bought this suit. For years I have been thinking about getting a plus size suit and just having it altered to fit because I love the design so much. Forever21 considers Extra Large a plus size so I took a risk and bought it. I LOVE THIS SUIT. To be honest, it is a little big, and I would like to get the top altered a little bit because the cups are just a tad to big, leaving me hanging out a little which makes me feel a little immodest, but not so much as a regular suit (story of my life, chest is to big for regular sizes, but to small for plus). What is great about this top is that there is an underwire, heavy padding and boning on the sides. Super structured. I love it! The tops come way up and cover most of me. The only down size is that since it is a little big, when it gets wet, it is baggy in the back. I have back fat, so I don't know if I feel confident enough to wear this suit in front of a lot of people, but from the front I feel great it in it! 
Forever 21
$15.90 (bottom)
$17.90 (top)
I love this style too. It doesn't look like there is quite as much support in the top as one that I have, but it covers up, with just a touch of sass.
This is way out of my price range, because the top alone is $88, but what is great about this site, is that in the extra small, and small sizes you can custom order a large cup size! Now if only there were a place that could do this for all sizes for a cheaper price. I'm sure there are places you can get custom suits done, I just don't know if I could ever bring myself to spend that much on something that doesn't get that much wear.
This one piece is modest, but kind of gives the style of two piece because of the color blocking. I don't believe that there is an underwirre, but the top looks like it offers pretty good coverage for the average person.
This site has tons of cute designs in many modest styles. A plus for this suit is that the top has an underwire and heavy padding for support! I love the polka dots, ruffles, and trendy colors!

This series is kind of making me want to go out and buy enough swimsuits to have a different one to wear every time haha.
For the first time in a long time, I have been able to find a lot of suits that are modest AND cute!
More suits to come!
Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 2: Vintage Inspired

Today I'm continuing my series of modest, fashionable swimsuits, with another current trend:
Vintage Inspired Swimwear.

Miranda Lambert hopped on this trend with the vintage style suit in her music video "Little Red Wagon". I thought it was interesting that she chose to wear a one piece suit, when it seems like most celebrities would opt to show off their bodies in a bikini, but I love her suit! Simple and cute.
Miranda Lambert it my spirit animal. Just Sayin'.
Unique Vintage
Want to get the Miranda Lambert look? You can! Great news: This suit also has a shelf bra in it along with soft cups and it's fully lined.
I love the ruffles on the top of this suit. There weren't much details about the make of the suit, and I notice there is a seam at the bottom of the bust, and the straps are detachable so maybe not a great suit for busty women, but it sure is pretty! (Notice the color trend?)
Yellow is one of my favorite colors! It's just so bright and happy, which is why I adore this suit (aside from the design, of course)!

This suit is a similar design, but offers a little more coverage on the bottom, and a little less on the top. It had positive reviews. One customer who purchased the suit was a D cup, and said she felt great in it! Busty women will definitely have more cleavage in this suit, though, than the others I have shared today. This is a Seafolly suit, I love the floral designs and color choices of their suits. Florals on swimsuits can end up looking "old-ladyish", but the way they present them is very stylish. The design of florals on this suit can even work to cover up a stomach pooch if you have one ;)

Another modest style, another beautiful color! The details on this suit say that there is boning in the sides, which offers more structure in the fit. It's a sweetheart bust, so probably more cleavage but the straps are thick and it's definitely a modest design.

I hope you saw something you liked today!
More swimwear to come!
Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Modest & Fashionable Swimsuits Part 1: Mint & Aqua

Today I am sharing the first bout of modest swimsuits I have found this summer. I'm doing it in more than one post, because I have found so many!
To recap the inspiration behind this post:
I have spent many swimsuit shopping trips frustrated and in tears at trying to to find something that fits me, I feel comfortable in, and is stylish. I am petite, but curvy and busty. It's extremely hard to find something that covers my chest appropriately and yet fits me length wise. I either end up uncomfortable, hanging out or my options are: black, navy, dark 80s floral, or skirt-suits. Starting in the 8th grade I could no longer wear the cute swim suits that my friends were wearing, without looking way too immodest for an 8th grader. I had to shop in the women's section. I remember one summer one of my friends told me that her mom had the same swimsuit as me.
So I am on a quest to find modest swimsuits that are fashionable and share them with you all :)

I've decided to categorize what I have found and today I am starting with suits of a current color trend: Mint & aqua.

I'm sharing this suit because it's modest, and a beautiful color. There is a little bit of a skirt, but it's not your typical old lady suit. I read the reviews, however, and unfortunately, some left by busty women said that it wasn't enough coverage and the halter straps were too long (story of my life). 
This suit is a little risque with the crocheted v, but I included it because, it looks like it comes up pretty high, and the crochet doesn't seem to revealing. There were not many reviews, but one woman, who said she was a 36 D, said that it offered plenty of coverage up top. The halter straps are also tie-able so they can be adjusted to the length needed. 

I actually own this swimsuit. I'm wearing it my last post. This suit has potential, but, honestly, in order to feel truly comfortable in it, I think I need to get it altered. I got a large in hopes to cover my chest. The problem is, I am small around so it is not tight enough around my chest to hold me in.There's no elastic to hold it in place. It comes with detachable straps, which help, but for me in order to get it to an appropriate length, I have to tie it really tight, and then it's uncomfortable on my neck, and still not really holding me in well. I'll probably still wear it, and I love the color and style, but I do not feel very modest in it. Cup size is OK, but it's too big around.
I picked this suit because the bust goes straight across to help cover cleavage, and the halter straps are thicker than the little detachable ones that many suits have. There were mixed reviews online, but most of them were positive. There is no information about the straps, but I'm assuming they're not adjustable, and there is no under-wire, so I'm assuming it's "molded cups" with no shelf bra, which, in my case, means there could be boob spillage out the bottom, which with the crocheted mid-section would be no bueno. However, I like that it looks like it covers most of you but the crocheted section makes it fashionable and fun.

I picked this because of the trendy color and the shape. It's a little on the boring side as far as design, but it is cute and modest. There weren't many reviews, about the fit. It comes with detachable straps. Again, no shelf bra, so probably not much support, but with the straight across cut on the bust, it looks like it might cover the girls a little better than the sweetheart style necklines.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swimsuit Season

Ah sweet summer!
I have officially been done with school for a week now. The evening of my last day of school, my dear friend came to visit me and go to the local swim hole to celebrate. I love Oregon country summers! Creekside is the best way to go :)
You may notice there is a lot of cleavage in this picture. No, we are not trying. In fact, I posted this picture elsewhere, but I cropped out the lower portion. I really like the color and style of my swimsuit though! I feel more comfortable sharing it on my blog, because to be honest, I would be very surprised if any guys read this! Swimsuit season has always been a point of contention for me. Many frustrating shopping trips for swimsuits have ended in tears for me. It's so frustrating to want to be modest but at the same time want to be fashionable! I have many ill-fitting swimsuits. It's hard to be a small person with a large chest.I'm so glad to have a friend who understands my dilemma! My friend Kate here, has written about her honest experiences growing up with a large chest and with reduction surgery on her blog (*disclaimer* colorful language).
It was a wonderful warm evening! The water was cool and refreshing, as I enjoyed my Dutch Brothers Peach Smoothie, looked at the tiny fish swimming by and talked about life.
So here I am, smiling in my uncomfortable swimsuit, because there is no one around to see me, and it is the last day of school!
I've been searching and searching for modest, stylish swimsuits to share with you all, and I feel like the fashion scene is starting to step up their game a little in this department, because I have managed to find quite a few--of course, there's something left to be said about what they actually look like on, but by my standards, the look cute and modest. I've had the post draft for a while, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to display them all in my post, because I'm not a professional blogger, and coding the layout is time consuming!

What is your take on swimsuits? Do you cringe at trying them on? Or do you just grab one off the rack and go for it? Any good finds this year?

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!
Happy Friday! :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Rogue Farms Summer Concert Series

This summer, Rogue Ales & Spirits Farms is putting on free concert on Sundays!
Lucky for us, The Rogue Farms is super close to where we live. Last Sunday we went for a drive to check it out. We have lived close for so long now, and yet this is the first time we had been to check it out!
Hops for days...

I need this truck!
The lady in front of us in line for food & drinks was wearing socks with her flip flops, like a true Oregonian, so naturally I took a picture.
We found a spot in the shade and sat down to relax and enjoy some music.
Joel got the Hazelnut Brown Nectar. It was so good! It was sweet and desert like.
I got the mead which was excellent. Very light and fruity. I also tried a cider which is always good.
We shared a chicken wrap with jalepeno slaw, which was delicious!
Beautiful Oregon weather and countryside, great music, and great food & drink!
It was a delightful afternoon!

How are you enjoying the start of your summer?
Happy Friday!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Wedding Season is Upon Us + Fashion Friday!!

The wedding season of life has slowed down a bit for me, and it seems as though baby season is one right after another right now! I do have quite a few weddings coming up, though, and I am glad. I love weddings!
Over Memorial Day Weekend we attend one of my dear childhood friend's weddings. We danced together from the age of 6 all the way through high school. We are both fortunate to have continued on with dance into college and beyond as well! I spent many a nights at her home and summer days in her backyard, and her family is dear to me. She was a beautiful bride and I so enjoyed getting to see her walk down the isle to marry her sweet groom.
The colors were tiffany blue and black. I loved all of the personal touches as details. The little tiffany box bow cupcakes were sooo delicious!
 My handsome wedding date :)
 This wedding was such a dance reunions!
The REAL dance moms: They are sweet, supportive and giving; our critics and our biggest fans. We have so may happy memories together!
The bride's dad with my little brother. Such a happy day!
 My family did the photo booth together, and my Dad magically grew a rainbow mohawk!
We're crazy!
 The evening began winding down it was time to go, but "why were we not walking to the car yet?" my husband wondered...
 Because being the dancers (and dance moms) that we are we had to pose for a few more pictures! You see, these ladies moved away when I was in the 7th grade. The girl in the middle was my very best friend, and her little sister was only like 6 (baby Catherine) and her mom was like my second mom. We have missed them!
I love having a reason to get dressed up!
What I Wore: Dress: Dress Barn // Necklace: Kohls (LC) // Shoes: old

Happy Wedding Season & Happy Friday!!