Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Look for Less

I adore Kate Spade. Unfortunately my wallet does not. She is way out of my price range! There's a little store in my small little town that sells a mix of high-end designer finds as well as more inexpensive items and they once had a used Kate Spade purse for $48 that looked brand new--I am still kicking my self for not getting it! I love the clean lines and modest charm of her designs.
Nordstrom $298.50
Nordstrom $411
Dress Barn $125
I was pleased when I came across this dress at the Dress Barn--it looks similar to Kate Spade's style but it is WAY cheaper! At $125 it is still a little pricey, but if you want the look for less, this is the way to go! I love the high neckline; as a busty girl I almost always have cleavage even if the dress was not designed with that intention. I also love the pleats in the waist line and the Navy blue and silver stripes. Just lovely. 
Do you have any look for less finds?

Have a great Tuesday!

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