Tuesday, April 1, 2014


One of my friends from college, and former roommate, got married last week! Here's a secret that is not so secret: I LOVE weddings! First of all, it's a chance to get dressed up--I know every one is looking at the bride, but hey, I'm a PE & Dance teacher and I spend most of my life wearing athletic clothing, so I'll take every chance I can to get slightly dressed up! Second, I love seeing how creative people are in decorating their weddings and receptions. Third, it's a great to time to visit and celebrate with people you don't get to see very often! This is what I wore to the wedding, and guess what? Everything I'm wearing is old! So unfortunately I can's give you the info on wear to find anything, but I can direct you toward similar looks.
Dress: Ross (similar)// Sweater: Old Navy (similar) // Shoes: Payless (similar) //
// Head Band (similar) // Necklace (Similar) //
Makeup: Lipstick: MAC "Snob" // Too Faced Beauty Balm //
I snapped this picture in a hurry, so it's a little lopsided! For the record, I do not usually wear this much makeup, but I think playing with makeup is fun for dressing up. I had a sample of Too Faced's Beauty Balm so I decided to try it. The sample color was too dark for my skin tone so I ended up blending it with my BB cream to lighten up a little. I feel like it made my skin look really smooth and nice, but it also feels very oily, so if I purchase it I will only wear it for special occasions.
The wedding was so pretty. It was at the Green Villa Barn not too far away from where I live, so it was a quick drive! I LOVE sparkly lights and this wedding had tons! I also loved the rustic center pieces.
The bride's sister put together the center pieces and she had a little quote about love on each table--I did this at my wedding too so I was pleased to see someone else had the same idea!
Me & my handsome Hubby :)

My cousin & I were roommates with the bride for a year in college. It was so great to visit! Isn't she gorgeous? She's not even wearing any makeup and her skin in flawless!

The three of us had some fun in the photo booth. I am the only Oregon State fan sandwiched in between two duck fans so of course I had to grab the Oregon State helmet :)

We joined in for the Cupid Shuffle :)

Us with the beautiful bride. So happy for her and happy to get to celebrate her big day!

Hope you had a happy Tuesday!

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