Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Woe is Me

I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week. I am deathly ill. OK not deathly, but it's to the point that I probably shouldn't be going to work seeing as how it hurts to talk and I may or may not have been fighting a low grade fever the last couple of days, but I really can't afford to take the time off and I've been trying to convince myself that it will go away soon. If I'm not improving by tomorrow then I might have to go to the doctor. 
I hate going to the doctor. 
Also, it's like 85 degrees and it's going to be nice and sunny for the rest of the week--not ideal weather for a diet that consists of hot chicken noodle soup, tea and Dayquill. I really want ice cream, but I know that's not gonna make my throat happy. And I didn't go to Zumba tonight, so my bootie doesn't need ice cream either. Sigh.

Hoping I feel better soon so I can get back to my normal life!
Happy Wednesday!

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